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Adjustable Bed Accessories Buyers Guide

Adjustable electric beds were once used exclusively in hospitals. They offered relief and functionality for people who suffered from mobility problems, problems related to postural issues and circulation conditions to name but a few. However their value outside the hospital environment soon became apparent. Adjustable beds provided a more comfortable and better sleep by adjusting to the natural posture of the user to offer total support to the head, neck, shoulders, lower back and leg regions. Now that the benefits are beginning to be appreciated, adjustable electric beds are a common feature in most homes. Adjustable beds are available in a wide range of sizes – both single and double – and with a host of additional features. In addition, they come with a variety of adjustable bed accessories. Here are some of the most commonly used.

Adjustable Mattress Protectors

The mattress protector is a padding which is interspersed between the mattress and the slat base on which it rests. It serves to protect the mattress against damage from friction with the slat base during adjustment, particularly in motorized adjustable beds.

Lateral Mattress Holders

These are side supports which prevent the mattress from sliding and are particularly recommended when a sleep system is ordered without a bed frame.

Couch Holders

Couch Holders enable two slat bases to be connected together. With couch holders you can, for example, join two half queen-size flats to make a regular queen-sized adjustable bed.

Bed Mattress Protectors

These are different from bed mattress protectors, described above, which protect the mattress from friction damage. These are waterproof, adjustable, ultra-thin, dust mite resistant covers which fit snugly on the mattress and remain fixed regardless of the movement. They are made from a terry-cotton fabric with polyurethane backing which is breathable adding to sleeping comfort as it helps dissipate heat to make the mattress cooler.

Mattress Toppers For Adjustable Beds

Mattress toppers are used on top of the existing mattress. They are memory foam mats which vary in thickness from 2” to 4”. They serve to adjust the firmness of the bed and significantly improve sleeping quality. Mattress toppers are ideal when the bed is uncomfortably hard and you wake feeling sore, with back and joint pains. Memory foam which is used in these protectors is different to ordinary foam which is made up of thousands of pockets of air which are sealed. When you lie on standard foam, since the air in each pocket is sealed, the pockets offer no ‘give’ which creates pressure points resulting in soreness which you feel on waking. Memory foam allows the air to move slowly between adjacent pockets leading to a distribution of body weight. Memory foam contours to your body supporting it at all contact points. The muscles automatically relax ensuring that you wake refreshed. Another feature of memory foam is that it is temperature sensitive, becoming softer as it warms with body heat. This adds to the cradling effect increasing support to various pressure points.