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Adjustable Bed Frames For Sale

All About Adjustable Bed Frames

Adjustable beds are a huge boon for anyone with any kind of sleeping trouble however most of them look like hospital beds and are not designed for homes. The solution then is to buy just an adjustable bed frame and pair it with your own headboard and footboard. This allows you to enjoy the comfort of an adjustable bed with the appearance of a normal bed.

Adjustable Bed Frame For Headboards And Footboards

The easiest way to integrate an Adjustable Bed into your existing bedroom decor is to buy just an adjustable bed frame for headboards and footboards that is the right size to match your existing ones. Adjustable bed frame prices go from about 50 to 60 USD for sizes going from regular twin bed sizes to king/queen size adjustable bed frames and they are available both in store as well as online from retailers like If you do a quick search on the Web, you can find sale prices where bed frames can sell for less than $40.

Adjustable Bed Frame Assembly

If you are worried about buying your Adjustable bed frame online because you are not confident about assembling it yourself you need not worry. Even though all Adjustable bed frames are shipped in parts that require assembly they are all designed to be assembled very easily with no tools and no mechanical skills whatsoever. Most Adjustable bed frames also come with frame assembling instructions either in the form of a printed manual or even on video to make the process completely foolproof.

Compatibility Issues With Mattresses

If you are someone who has an adjustable mattress and are wondering whether an adjustable bed frame would be compatible with your mattress you need not worry because as long as the sizes of the mattress and the frame match there are no compatibility issues.

Adjustable Bed Frame Height

Many adjustable bed frames have height adjustable legs as standard but if you have bought a model with fixed height legs and you need some adjustment you can purchase Adjustable bed frame parts like a set of height Adjustable bed risers for less than 18 USD at sites like

Adjustable Bed Frame Manufacturers

Some of the better known Adjustable bed frame manufacturers today are Leggett and Platt and Pro-Motion. Leggett and Platt make a popular model called the S-Cape series which is a wall hugger adjustable bed frame that stays in the same position with respect to the walls and is perfect for small apartments or rooms where space is at a premium. Sleep Number is also another prominent producer of frames that are sold along with other bedroom related products.

Adjustable Bed Frame Reviews

People who have bought adjustable bed frames as opposed to complete stand alone Adjustable beds all say that there is no difference whatsoever between the two. They also appreciate the fact that with the right headboard and the right footboard an Adjustable bed frame can be completely hidden and no one would know that the bed was of the adjustable type unless they lay down on it. Users of Pro-Motion beds in particular love the ease of assembly of the bed frames and the fact that even older people can put together the frame in less than an hour without the need for professional help.