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Adjustable Bed Rails For Elderly And Disabled

Importance Of Using Handicap Bed Rails

Adjustable bed railings are simple and effective devices that protect seniors from falls and accidents while sleeping and when getting in and out of bed. An alarming statistic with older adults is that fall injuries result in hospitalization five times more than all other injuries. Installing a bed rail or a pair of bed rails is a wise investment which gives the caregiver peace of mind and instills a sense of confidence in the user.

Features Of Bed Rails For Adjustable Beds

Beds rails should be a barrier which prevents the user from falling out of bed. But in addition they should act as a support bar to help a person when getting in and out of bed. Bed rails for elderly should be robust and easily installable. They should also be interchangeable which means they are flexible and can be fitted on either side of the bed. In some brands the rails slide in and out so the length can be varied, but ensure that when used with adjustable beds, the railing should move with the angle of the bed. When no longer needed, bed rails should either be able to pivot down or swing away to allow the user to get in and out of bed. They should be designed so that the user’s limbs cannot be trapped in them. A significant essential is to check the rail capacity which should be enough to support the user’s weight.

Leading Sellers of Adjustable Bed Railings?

Standers is a leading company of bed railings which manufactures the EZ series as well as a Bed Cane. Their models offer all the features that you would need in an adjustable bed railing. You can buy bed railings online. Prices vary according to the models and features but start from as low as $55.