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Affordable Split King Adjustable Beds Online

How Split King Adjustable Beds Work

Bed sizes are determined by the dimensions of the mattress and the names by which the various standard sizes are called. In the United States a king-size bed is one where the mattress measures 76” in width and 80” in length. For convenience, the mattress for a king-size bed is usually split. The box-spring or base for this size might be one-piece, king-sized itself, or might consist of two smaller box-springs which together support a kinSplit King Adjustable Bedg-size mattress. However as the name implies, a Split King Adjustable Bed consists of two adjacent box-springs and split mattresses, both of which are separately adjustable. Adjustable beds are those where the two halves of the bed can be adjusted independent of each other. The most common type of adjustment is where the head section and leg section can be raised or lowered. Adjustable Beds allow the two people who occupy the bed to adjust their postures to one that is comfortable, without disturbing each other. For example, one occupant might be more relaxed sleeping with the head and shoulders slightly raised, while the other might prefer to sleep flat. With a split adjustable bed, both postures are possible simultaneously. This dual adjustability is possible because of a split bed frame.

What are the Benefits of a Split King Adjustable Bed?

The main advantage is that a split king adjustable bed provides two people with a relaxing environment and a good night’s sleep by adjusting to the posture of individual choice at the touch of a button. An adjustable bed can move through infinitely variable positions to suit the position you want. For example, the upper portion could be raised if you want to have breakfast in bed or work on your computer. Or if you’d like to relax, both head and legs could be elevated so your body lies in a shallow vee. Or you might even find it more relaxing for your legs to be raised above head level. An adjustable bed permits an endless number of adjustment permutations to support your legs, hips, back, neck and head. The bed helps relax sore muscles, relieves tension and lessens fatigue. Adjustable beds are physician recommended while providing the ultimate in comfort.

What about Split King Bedding?

By using two individual mattresses, split king bedding enables you to move extra thick mattresses through hallways and narrow doorways. Each mattress measures 38” x 80” which together fit nicely into a king-size bed frame. Each mattress is enclosed in a fitted sheet for a snug fit.

How much does a Split King Adjustable Bed Cost?

This is a difficult question to answer where the cost depends on many variables and the level of sophistication you are looking for. For example, you could have a split king bed which hinges at more than one point, or you could have a Sleep Number Split-King Adjustable Bed where the split mattress uses air chamber technology, instead of metal springs, adjustable to your personal posture preference. Sleep numbers range from 0 to 100 with the mattress becoming increasingly firm as the numbers increase. Your best bet is to check online for a Split-king adjustable bed which suits your budget and your preference.