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Bed Skirts For Adjustable Beds

Introducing another bed room accessory to¬†embellish the look of your adjustable beds. It can help to conceal the storage space under the bed or the unsightly bed springs. Bed Skirts are actually more than a stylish addition to the bed, it has its practical purposes too. Another common name for bed skirts is “dust ruffles” which helps to keep out the accumulation of dust underneath the bed. As dust is kept out, pests like dust mites and bed bugs will also not have a nesting place.

Customize Own Bed Skirts For Your Adjustable BedsTraditionally, bed skirting is placed on top of the box spring underneath the beds. It can be attached with a velcro around the bed or only attached at one location and wrapped around the bed. However, bed skirting for normal beds and for adjustable beds are different. This is due to the fact that adjustable beds are always in motion, this will cause the normal bed skirts to fall off or detach itself easily. In this case, the velcro types of bed skirts might not work as well as it may slide off the frame with constant movements.

The suggested solution is the fitted sheet type of skirting. In this case, the skirts have to be extra long since adjustable beds are not the usual sizes. Some diy tips you can follow to create your own customized bed skirts for adjustable beds:

  1. Have an old fitted sheet and put it over the adjustable bed frame.
  2. Cut a slit to accommodate the foot bar. You can sew a small velcro at the top of the slit to minimize the opening.
  3. Cut the skirts and sew it to the customized bed skirt. It will move along with the motion of the adjustable bed.

Customizing your dust ruffles for adjustable beds is varies for owners so you will have to find what fits your bed the best.