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Cheap Replacement Parts For Adjustable Beds

There are several parts to an adjustable bed. Some of them are visible and can be mechanically removed or replaced by a lay person while others are concealed and have large amounts of electricity pass through them. An adjustable bed consists of firstly, the bed frame, the bed base and then the mattress. Secondly it is fitted with a wired or a wireless adjustable bed remote control. Thirdly there is the locking caster, the bed motor and the wireless or wired control box. Other accessories include bed rails so that the person does not fall off the bed. There are leg extensions which allow the bed to be at the right height for the person using it.

How To Replace Electric Adjustable Bed Parts

If your adjustable bed breaks down or starts malfunctioning you must take a look at the problem carefully to figure out whether you can fix the problem on your own or if you need the help of an engineer. There are several problems that can affect you if you do not repair or service adjustable bed regularly. If the motor of the bed heats up then you can turn off the mains and allow the bed to cool down. If the bed refuses to come on maybe there is loss of contact from the wall socket. If one of the rails is loose you can use a spanner and a screwdriver to tighten up the nuts and bolts. Problems with the wheels and the legs can be fixed by youself too. Basically when scrutinizing the problem you are facing with your Adjustable Bed, most mechanical repairs which are simple and easy can be done by you. Anything related to opening up the motor or the control box should be left to adjustable bed technicians who should know what are the adjustable bed parts to replace.

Where To Buy Replacement Parts For Adjustable Beds

If you are fixing your own bed and you feel you need to replace certain parts due to wear and tear or damage you can look for online stores who are willing to ship these parts for you. Due to the rise in demand for adjustable beds, the demand for adjustable bed parts has also increased. You can buy the parts from the authorized dealers, however, if the parts are not proprietary to a manufacturer, you can also find other cheaper sources. This has led to a lot of companies opening virtual stores to meet with these demands. You can easily find different Adjustable Bed Parts in Ebay and Craigslist. If your adjustable bed is of a particular brand, there are several companies online that will deliver the part you need. If you need a specific part you can always check out the online catalogue or send them an email with your specifications. If you own a particular brand it is possible at times that bed parts from other brands can be used by you too.

Do Not Get The Wrong Parts

For example if you need adjustable bed parts from Craftmatic, Leggett and Platt, Sealy, Simmons or Tempurpedic, you should refer to the user manual and identify the part number and the correct name. It is important to know these information if you do not wish to purchase the parts only to realize they do not fit.