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Cheap Sleep Number Adjustable Beds

Sleep Number Adjustable Beds are designed to provide you with quality sleep where you awake feeling refreshed with all your muscles relaxed. There are two aspects to sleep number adjustable beds – the sleep number, and the adjustable element – which you should know about.

What is an Adjustable Bed?

An adjustable bed is one where the upper body or lower body can be raised or lowered independently of each other through a multi-hinged arrangement. Other features of this bed are tilting and height adjustment. The most common design comes with a slatted base where the inclination is effected through a twin-drive motor. For further flexibility, some beds are provided with a triple-drive motor. Some luxury models even come with multi- motors and actuators for support of all joints from the neck to the ankle.

What is Sleep Number?

Sleep Numbers refer to a range of numerical settings from 0 to 100 which determine the firmness of the mattress. A sleep number mattress is one where the minute air pockets that make up the mattress are not sealed but able to move so as to distribute your weight more evenly. With better and more even support, pressure points are eliminated so that there is no soreness when waking up. A Sleep Number Adjustable Bed is a combination of the two technologies where the bed itself is adjustable for posture and the mattress can be adjusted for firmness.

What are the different Sleep Number models available?

Sleep Number offers 3 series of mattresses for its adjustable beds – Classic, Performance and Innovation. These mattresses are built with Exclusive Comfort Layers and use DualAir technology along with its exclusive Firmness Control System. The new FlexFit™ Fully Adjustable Sleep System elevates the user together with their upper and lower body. The combination enables different firmness mattress adjustments on either side of the bed. The mattress contours itself to your body providing variable firmness control for more restorative sleep. Sleep Number Beds offer back-pain relief, improve sleep quality and enhance your energy level. They are the perfect solution to meet the differing sleeping needs of you and your partner. Adjustment and setting is enabled through the wireless remote Sleep Number Control System.

What will a Sleep Number Mattress cost me?

Prices of mattresses range from $1,000 to $4,000.

Can I have a trial?

Sleep Number goes the extra mile to ensure you have made the right choice. It allows you to test the mattress in your own home and personal environment for a period of 30 days. They believe this time is necessary to adapt to the new mattress technology and find the comfort number which suits you best.

What is the warranty policy?

Sleep Number offers you a 20 year limited warranty on your mattress or mattress base with certain conditions. For further details, you can contact your local dealer of Adjustable beds.

What are the other products the company offers?

It offers a complete range of pillows and bedding including specialty products, fashion bedding and other optional accessories. Further details log on to