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Craftmatic 1 Memory Foam Mattress Product Review

Memory foam mattresses provide firmness to the bed thereby improving sleeping quality. Craftmatic adjustable beds pride themselves on knowing that people need a great mattress and a strong foundation in order to get a good night’s sleep. Adjustable beds that come with memory foam mattress are very helpful to people who suffer from arthritis, as they are able to change their sleeping position rather easily and ensuring that no particular point gets additional pressure while sleeping. This leads to less tossing and turning resulting in a better quality sleep.

Product Features of the Craftmatic Model I Memory Foam

Craftmatic Model 1 Memory FoamThe Craftmatic Memory Foam Mattresses provides the user maximum support and comfort when used with a Craftmatic adjustable bed unit. The memory foam permits the air to move slowly between the adjacent air pockets thereby leading to an even distribution of body weight. In short, it contours to the user’s body and supports it at its contact points, thereby providing total relaxation and comfort. The mattress is also temperature sensitive and becomes softer in line with the body heat and provides that cradling effect at various pressure points. The mattress also has the body massage and timer, which reduces any stress. There is also an optional soothing heat control. It also has the standard multiple user defined positions that allow the user to raise their heads and lower body to over 1000 precise posture positions, which the user finds most comfortable. The mattress also has the regular Craftmatic snore-subsider wireless remote control. The normal lifting capacity is 450 pounds, while the heavy duty can lift up to 600 pounds.

Price Range of the Craftmatic Model I Memory Foam

The Craftmatic Model 1 Memory Foam sells for above $750. It is delivered to the user’s doorstep through the Craftmatic authorized dealers delivery and service network. It comes with a 15 year limited pro-rated mattress and foundation warranty.

User Reviews on the Craftmatic Model I Memory Foam

The Craftmatic Model I Memory Foam not only provides the standard comfort and relaxation like other similar Craftmatic products, it also comes with an adjustable bed system and never had to flip the bed. The consumers also felt that their pricing was also not too high in comparison with similar products, although there were some of them who felt that that the bed sinks in a bit at times and it sags to the center. User reviews also showed that the Craftmatic Model I Memory Foam mattress was a bit pricey.

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