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Craftmatic Adjustable Bed Deals

An adjustable bed can sometimes be a necessity more than a luxury. For those who want to buy a reliable adjustable bed, Craftmatic is an extremely popular adjustable bed brand in the market. Craftmatic has two models on sale – The Craftmatic Model I and the Craftmatic Monaco. Both these models are loaded with features and you can pick one depending on what kind of sleep problems or illnesses you have. There are many deals and cheap buying options for Craftmatic adjustable beds on the Internet.

Types of Craftmatic Adjustable Beds for Sale

The Craftmatic Model I, the more popular model, comes with a wireless remote control, a massager with different settings, temperature control and a high quality mattress.  It is very important for a mattress to be good and comfortable, otherwise the whole point of getting an adjustable bed is lost. This model comes with a lifetime limited warranty on the motor and other mechanical Craftmatic Bed Parts and a 15 year warranty on the mattress. It is available in various sizes – single, double, king and queen size and dual king and queen size. The dual king and queen sizes have separate beds with separate settings so two people can comfortably sleep on the bed with the settings of their own choice.

The Craftmatic Monaco is a much swankier model and can be operated wirelessly from a remote as well as through fancy devices like the IPod Touch and the IPhone. It is equipped with a massager that massages the full body, a temperature control system and several settings for positions. It also has a snore feature that allows a sleeping person’s bed to be controlled to stop the snoring. It is fitted with a gentle alarm and a sleep timer. This model also comes with a remote locater, in case the control gets lost and the motor system is especially quiet allowing the user to sleep peacefully without any disturbances.  The warranty on this model is the same as the one on the Craftmatic Model I. These beds can be purchased at affordable prices through Craigslist and EBay. You can find new or used Craftmatic Adjustable Beds listed by dealers or owners. Craftmatic Dealers are available in major cities.

Price of Craftmatic Adjustable Beds

The Price of Craftmatic adjustable beds varies depending on the model you choose. Typical Craftmatic Bed Prices for top of the line adjustable bed can cost up to US$2000. However, on sites like EBay and Craigslist you can procure previously owned Craftmatic Beds For Sale for as little as US$500. Used Craftmatic Adjustable Bed Deals can be found easily on the internet either by performing a simple Google search or by searching in “furniture” of the “for sale” section of Craigslist. There are many other classified sites on the net which sell adjustable beds, both old and new. This is only recommended if you are on a tight budget, otherwise it is still advisable to be buying new adjustable beds and mattresses. If you diligent to research enough about Adjustable Beds Sale Online, then you will be quick to snap up the occasional low priced deals that might crop up. Through the Web, you will also be able to buy parts for Craftmatic beds and replace the faulty ones. You need not waste your time calling dealers in your vicinity to ask if they sell the adjustable bed parts.