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Craftmatic Model 2 Adjustable Bed Product Review

It is obvious that there has been a lot of work that has gone into the making of an adjustable bed. The Craftmatic Company, which has over thirty years experience is making adjustable beds and mattresses is naturally accepted as the best in this business. Of all the Craftmatic models, the Model II Adjustable Bed is the cheapest.

Product Features of the Craftmatic Model II Adjustable Bed

Craftmatic Model II Adjustable BedThe Craftmatic Model Two’s unique feature is its Hubbell Motor System, and the 252 Count Coil Spring Mattress that come with the heat and massage options, just like in Model 1. The Craftmatic Model Two Adjustable Bed comes in four sizes; full, twin extra long, queen, and dual king size with an eight-inch one-sided firm mattress. Mattresses come in dual firm coil, latex, pillow top coil, and visco memory foam models. Unlike the Model One, the body massages and heat control is not available but comes as an additional option. Compared to the Craftmatic Model One, it also features the 1000 posture positions that can be controlled with the remote control. The Model 2 total lifting capacity is 450 pounds.

Price Range of the Craftmatic Model 2 Adjustable Bed

The Craftmatic Model Two starts at a price of about $1,800 for a Queen Size bed and comes with a medium firm mattress. The heat and massage options cost extra. The bed is delivered to the user’s home by authorized Craftmatic delivery. It has a ten-year mattress warranty and a ninety-day position changing mechanism warranty.

User Reviews on the Craftmatic Model II Adjustable Bed

Users felt that in comparison with the other Craftmatic models, the Model ii Adjustable Bed was a lot cheaper. In short, they felt it was a reliable product from a reliable company. They also felt that the mattress is adjustable, and allows the user to elevate their back and legs and back so that the weight is evenly distributed while doing different activities. People who sleep on flat beds could not believe the relaxation that this bed provides. Some of the users had a few complaints saying that the bed’s underlying plywood is not that strong and tends to break. However, most users felt that people who suffer from a bad back or poor blood circulation should definitely try out the Craftmatic Model 2 Adjustable Bed.

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