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Craftmatic Monaco Royale Bed Review

Craftmatic Adjustable Beds have a long history of manufacturing electric beds and promote good health. The benefits of using Adjustable Beds include temporary relief for hiatus, lower back pain, hernia, tension, gastric reflux, sciatica, snoring, poor blood circulation, swelling of the legs, pains from fatigue, night heartburn, neuralgia and edema. The most advanced model, the Craftmatic Monaco Royale is the luxury range of adjustable beds from Craftmatic.

Product Features of the Craftmatic Monaco Royale

The Monaco Royale boasts a Wi-Fi remote control that comes with a clock and a LED screen, and a remote locator that gives you a way to find the remote when it gets misplaced. It also allows an iPhone or iPod app to let you operate the bed using your device. This is an optional device and is sold separately. The Monaco Royale comes with the full body wave massage and the optional full body heat control. Like the other Craftmatics, it has the programmable 1000 posture perfect position facility and the snore-silencing feature. A unique feature of the Craftmatic Monaco Royale is that it comes with an automatic sleep timer, which gently turns the user from an active position to a snooze position at specified times. Another unique feature of the Royale is its soft wake-up alarm, which uses an audio alarm or a light gentle massage. The quiet and soft motors allow a total lifting capacity of 600 pounds. The Monaco Royale also comes with a dual density coil spring mattress or the latex mattress, both of which come covered with a luxurious Damask Cover.

Price Range of the Craftmatic Monaco Royale

The Monaco Royale is the luxury range of adjustable beds from Craftmatic and is also the costliest. A King-size Craftmatic Monaco Royale will cost anywhere above $6,000 and its standard features include the wireless controller and the dual speed massage system. The Royale is delivered to the user’s home through the Craftmatic authorized delivery and service network. It comes with a one year limited warranty and a fifteen year old warranty on the mattress.

User Reviews on the Craftmatic Monaco Royale

Users feel that Craftmatic has one of the best names in the business as well as one of the best reputations. People who bought the Monaco Royale loved it and felt that it made sleeping a heavenly experience. Some of them liked the audio alarm which made waking up a dream. Consumers also commended on the light and noise and other surrounding effects and the fact that they could control them. Users are happy about the fact that Craftmatics Electric Beds offer a full 30-day home trial period, while most adjustable bed companies do not. However, there are reports that shipping charges may be levied on the users. Consumers also felt that that the bed was a bit on the pricier side. Summarizing, consumers advise potential users to review the other Craftmatic ranges before buying the luxurious Craftmatic Monaco Royale.

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