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Detailed Pricing Of Tempurpedic Ergo Adjustable Beds

Tempur-Pedic Mattresses with Ergo adjustable bases offer you unmatched sleeping relaxation and comfort. This makes them one of the leading choices in beds. Here are some of the highlights of the different models of Ergo beds available.

GrandBed TEMPUR Advanced Ergo System®

This top-of-the-line model offers your enhanced comfort and relaxation through an infinite number of adjustable positions which help you breathe better and relieves tension in your lower back. In memory, it can store up to 4 positions. Head and foot massage and the rolling wave feature are two features available that are independently adjustable. It operates through a simple wireless remote control. The whole system rests on a sturdy base with a compatible mattress. These beds are available in Split King, Split CA King and Split Queen versions. All models carry the same price tag of $4,500 per bed.

TEMPUR Advanced Ergo System™

This system offers you the ultimate sleep experience with the advantage of a rejuvenating massage and an infinite combination of adjustable ergonomic positions. The wireless remote lets you adjust your bed to the position of choice while you remain supine in a relaxed position. Tempur-Pedic offers you a choice of mattresses. Prices of this model start at $1,600 for the Twin and Twin Long Beds. Double and Queen sized beds cost $1,700 while the 5 split models on offer are all priced at $3,200 each.

TEMPUR Ergo System

This is the entry level model which has most of the essential features of the Advanced Ergo System beds. The price of a Twin Long bed is $1,200 and for Queen sized, $1,300. There are 4 other King sized models including split beds which are all priced at $2,400 each.

Trying Out Tempurpedic Beds

A huge advantage with Temper-Pedic Ergo beds is that the company encourages you to test drive a bed before buying so you’re sure which mattress and pillow is right for you. If you visit the company’s website you can fill in the details of what you are looking for and they’ll point you to the retailers who carry your product for sale. The company offers a 90 night tryout period so you can get familiar with your bed and are comfortable with it. However, statistics indicate that 94% of the customers who ordered a Temper-Pedic Ergo were happy with their choice.

Finance Options For Adjustable Beds

While Tempur-Pedic accepts all credit cards, its own financing scheme is available for orders exceeding $750.