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Guide To Cheap Adjustable Pillows

About Adjustable Pillows

Adjustable pillows are different from regular pillows in that they have a top and a bottom side. Custom Adjustable Pillows come with inserts that you can put into the pillow to increase or decrease the height of the pillow, the firmness or the softness, and even the shape.

Advantages Of Adjustable Pillows

Due to their ability to be customised and their ergonomic designs Adjustable Pillows are perfect for anyone who suffers from and sort of sleep related disorders like sleep apnea or insomnia or anyone with neck or back related problems that make regular pillows uncomfortable for them to use.

Types of Adjustable Pillows

There are four major kinds of Adjustable Pillows on the market today, Foam pillows, Fibre Pillows, Air pillows and Water pillows.

Foam pillows are made of foam or perhaps memory foam and they also have inserts supplied with them to raise or lower the pillow and to change the firmness of the pillow.

Fibre pillows are the same as foam pillows but are usually firmer and provide more support. These also come with inserts and sometimes even have an air chamber that one can inflate with a pump to change the softness of the pillow.

Air pillows have a chamber that can be inflated or deflated to make the pillow harder or softer. Most travel Adjustable Pillows are air pillows.

Water pillows are similar to air pillows but they have a removable section that is the water chamber. This is so that you can fill them with water without wetting the pillow. The water chamber usually has a marking on it to show how much you need to fill it to get the desired level of firmness. Water filled Adjustable Pillows can be used without any water in them as well. Some people find the sound of the water in the pillow to be disturbing, so they may not be suitable for everyone.

Adjustable Pillow Prices

Adjustable pillows start at about twenty dollars for an air filled adjustable neck pillow in a travel size and go up to about sixty-five dollars for an air pillow or a foam pillow that has inserts supplied. Some high end adjustable pillows that are made with memory foam may even cost upwards of about ninety dollars.

Where To Buy Adjustable Pillows?

Adjustable pillows can be bought over the internet as the shipping is cheap due to their light weight. has a great selection of air pillows and if you are looking for memory foam pillows makes some great high end foam pillows. makes conforming Adjustable Pillows. When you are buying Adjustable Beds, the pillows can be bought as an accessory.