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How To Become A Craftmatic Dealer

Selling Adjustable Beds As A Business

The Adjustable Bed industry is a nascent market as people used to accept that such mechanical beds are only used in the hospital or elderly homes. However, there are more people who are buying electric beds as part of their bedroom furniture. Adjustable beds bring health benefits not seen in normal beds and many consumers find it a worthwhile investment. As it is, there are not many adjustable bed manufacturers in the industry with only notable names such as Craftmatic, Tempurpedic, Leggett And Platt etc.

For those with entrepreneurial spirit, being a dealer for adjustable beds may not be a bad idea. As most of these adjustable bed manufacturers are only based in their home city, they are actively looking for channels to distribute their products. Craftmatic Adjustable Beds is a manufacturer that most people will be interested in working with. They are among the market leaders in the electric mechanical bed industry selling popular adjustable beds such as their Model I, Model II, Monaco and Memory Foam series of beds. You can also choose to be a dealer for other Craftmatic products such as electric lift chairs.

Eligibility To Be A Craftmatic Adjustable Bed Dealer

In order to become a Craftmatic Sales Distributor, you need to complete a form online in the Craftmatic website. You will need to key in your personal information such as Name, Address, Country and Contact information. Most importantly, you need to provide a short synopsis of your business experience especially with franchising. In fact, it is advised to make a pitch for your application to be a reseller of Craftmatic products. You need to show that the location which you intend to run the business as a viable place with growth or business forecast.

Lastly, you also need to show you have the financial resources to operate the distributor business. Craftmatic will assess criteria such as experience, financial health and location before they will bring the discussion further.

Questions To Ask To Become a Craftmatic Bed Dealer

In the event that you are invited for a dealership meeting with Craftmatic, remember it is not one sided, you also need to ask questions related to the agreement and protect your rights.

Dealer Support

You should know what kind of support you are getting when you become a Dealer for Craftmatic. What are the rules and regulations a dealer should adhere to when displaying Craftmatic beds in their store. You should ask what the inventory turnover is as this may impact your cashflow and customer experience.

Customer Support

Usually in adjustable bed dealerships, the manufacturer will be providing post sales support to customers worldwide. You need to ensure that Craftmatic also offers this service as this will reduce your operational cost in customer service.

Dealership Fees

This is definitely an important issue as you need to know the business model with Craftmatic Bed Dealers. This varies among the manufacturers; some may impose annual fees whereas some may be on a commission basis.

Miscellaneous Costs

Lastly, it is good to ask if there are any other costs involved in the dealership agreement. What are the termination charges, penalties and other liable costs?

When you are finally mentally ready to enter into an official agreement with Craftmatic to be a dealer, always engage a lawyer to review the terms and regulations. A dealership is also a partnership, therefore, both parties should always work towards mutual success. All the best in your business.