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Low Price Futon Mattresses

History Of Futon Mattresses

Futon mattresses are a Western innovation derived from the traditional Japanese Futon. For centuries the Japanese have used the Futon as a bedding essentially to sleep, but also doubling up as a stool or a couch. The Futon set, comprises of a bottom mattress or shikibuton, and a thick quilted bedcover or kakebuton, a blanket or mofu and a pillow or makura. The futon set was constructed to be pliable enough to be folded away for storage during the day. This solved a space problem in tiny Japanese houses. A room which was used for other purposes during the day became a bedroom at night once the futon mattress was spread out. Traditionally, the futon mattress was flat, stuffed with wool, cotton or synthetic batting and enclosed in a fabric cover, but for Western use this has undergone a transformation. The futon mattress in the traditional Japanese style is spread on a mat on the floor, but that too has changed in the West.

What are the Advantages of Using the Futon Mattress?

The futon sofa bed set is a great space saver which doubles up as a bed at night and a couch during the day. It is a boon to college students, newlyweds and young professionals who live in dormitories, studio condominiums or small rooms in boarding houses which cannot accommodate much furniture and where space is at a premium. It is modified for use in the West with the arrangement being placed on a futon bed frame instead of on mats. Futon package sets are available in various sizes with futon bedsheet sets of different materials. While many contain foam, wool and cotton, they are also available with spring coils much like regular mattresses.  You can even get futon organic mattresses and mattresses made of soy-based foam. Futon mattresses are designed for a number of purposes including those that give you total back support. They are available in different densities for varying comfort levels. Other combinations of futons include eco-friendly sofa bed sets, futon organic platform bed sets, futon bunk beds and futon loft beds. Futons come in twin full, queen and loveseat sizes in a variety of shapes. For owners of Adjustable Beds, Futon mattresses for adjustable beds can also be used instead of other standard mattresses.

What is a Memory Foam Futon Mattress?

The memory in your foam futon mattress comes from its density. Foam mattresses are available in different densities to suit your specific weight and body shape. When you lie on it the core reacts immediately to your body and gently conforms to its shape, offering total support. Soyabean memory foam mattresses are healthy for the environment. They contain antimicrobial properties from renewable resources free of volatile organic compounds. These durable mattresses are of a superior cell structure which is able to dissipate body heat up to ten times faster than conventional elastic foam.

Price Of Futon Mattress Package

There is such a vast selection of inexpensive futon mattress packages on the market that it is difficult to set a price. Your best bet would be to go online to find a futon set compatible with your expectations and budget.