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Parts of Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds have several parts to them depending on what model and make they are. However, there are certain important parts which will be common to all models. With the advent of newer companies, procuring Adjustable Beds is easy and can be cheap too. What’s more is, if you want to replace parts of adjustable beds you can do so easily at minimum cost and no hassle.

Important Parts Of Adjustable Beds You Should Know

The first and important part of an adjustable bed is the mattress. It has to be made from a material which is conducive to being bent at any angle for however long and has to take the shape of the bed frame which is directly underneath it. The mattress on the adjustable bed must be made of a material which will support the curvature of the human spine and allow it to rest in the most comfortable position. Certain mattresses have air pockets in them which are alternatively pulsated for the massaging effect.


The second but most important part of the adjustable bed is the adjustable base or the frame. Without this, the bed cannot be adjusted and hence will not serve its purpose. The base of the bed is powered by a motor which powers the frame of the bed and allows it to be adjusted to many different angles with the help of the remote. The base of the bed can be raised from one side to allow the feet to be at a higher level or it can be raised from the other side to allow the upper body to be at a higher level.

Another important part of the adjustable bed is the motor which gives all the parts of the bed the power to perform their specific functions. The motor is plugged into a power supply so when the switch is turned on, the bed is ready to use. Temperature control, massage modes and adjusting of the frame are all powered by the motor. Other parts of the bed include both necessary and optional parts. In some models, the remote control will come with a wire, while in others it may be wireless with elaborate glowing displays and fancy memory options. Rails on the side of the bed for support are optional. Finally, the legs of the bed in some models can be extended for a greater height.

The parts of an adjustable bed are easily replaceable and can be either purchased from a store or bought online through ebay or craigslist. If you want to replace parts of adjustable beds you can either call the company directly or simply do a search on the net for the part you need. It is advisable that you keep the parts which you always need to replace so that you are spared the waiting time for the item to be delivered.