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Prices Of Craftmatic Adjustable Beds

The Range Of Craftmatic Beds In The Market

Craftmatic Bed PricesCraftmatic has been making adjustable beds for over thirty five years and is one of the most popular brands on the market. They have a range of adjustable beds for everyone from people looking for more comfortable beds to people suffering from chronic back pain, oedema, hiatus hernia, gastric reflux and other ailments that prevent them from getting a good night’s rest on a normal bed.

Today, Craftmatic’s range of adjustable electric beds on sale in the United States falls into four categories, they are the Model I, the Model II, the Monaco/Monaco Royale and the Model III.

Price Of The Craftmatic Model I

This is the best selling and most advanced adjustable bed system from Craftmatic. It sells for around thirty five hundred dollars (USD$35,000) for a Queen size Model I bed and up to about four thousand (USD$40,000) for a King size model one. All Model One beds have a wave vibrating system as standard though a wireless remote is an optional extra and so is personal heating. Like all Craftmatic beds the Model 1 is not sold in stores, only online through Craftmatic’s website at and by purchasing over the phone at 1-800-245-0205. The Model I has a fifteen year limited warranty.

You can also buy the used versions of the Model 1 online on sites like or Craigslist for as little as about five hundred dollars (USD$500).

Price Of The Craftmatic Model II

This is what Craftmatic calls their best value for money bed as it costs even less than many fixed position beds on the market today. This bed starts at about eighteen hundred (USD$1,800) for a Queen size bed and is available with a medium firm mattress only. Heat and massage options are extra on the Model II though the bed comes with a five year limited warranty.

Price Of The Craftmatic Model III

The cheapest model of adjustable bed from Craftmatic is the Model III. This model has a one piece foam foundation and mattress and hence you cannot replace just the mattress on this adjustable bed. The Model III also comes with no warranty support from Craftmatic beds. Used models of the Craftmatic Model III are available on eBay for as little as a hundred and fifty (USD$150) while a brand new version will set you back by about a thousand dollars (USD$1,000) for a Queen size Model III.

Price The Craftmatic Monaco

The Monaco is the top of the line adjustable bed from Craftmatic and the most expensive bed in the range on offer. A King size Monaco will cost upwards of six thousand US Dollars (USD$6,000) and standard features include wood trim, a wireless controller and a dual variable speed massage system. The Monaco is seldom seen on second hand sites or available for sale pre-owned. The Monaco also has a fifteen year limited warranty from Craftmatic.