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Prices of Leggett And Platt Adjustable Bed Models

Leggett And Platt are the makers of the widest range of adjustable beds on the market from any single manufacturer today. Their offerings in the adjustable bed segment are available under ten different sub brands. These are Prodigy, S-Cape, Optima, Silhouette, Pro-Motion, ShipShape, Profile, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Prodigy Leggett And Platt Adjustable Beds

The Leggett And Platt Prodigy range of beds starts at under fifteen hundred US Dollars (USD$1500) for a twin king size bed. The Prodigy comes with a massage function as standard.

S-Cape Leggett And Platt Adjustable Beds

The S-Cape is one of the more economical of the Leggett And Platt adjustable bed range on offer. Prices for an S-Cape bed and mattress with massage function start at about eleven hundred dollars (USD$1100) at online retailers like and as well as brick and mortar retailers like Macy’s. You can also buy bed accessories from the official website of Leggett And Platt or other online retailers. Accessories you can get include pillows, sheets, mattress and pillow protectors and replacement parts of adjustable bed.

Optima Leggett And Platt Adjustable Beds

The Leggett And Platt Optima range starts at under fifteen hundred dollars (USD$1500) for a Queen size bed but it goes to above twenty-five hundred US Dollars for wall hugger models that have wireless remotes as well at sites like

The Silhouette Leggett And Platt Adjustable Beds

The Silhouette is another value priced range from Leggett And Platt Beds. Prices for Queen sized Silhouette adjustable beds start at about twelve hundred dollars (USD$1200) with massage features built in. Sites like and sometimes have Silhouette beds for up to a hundred Dollars less though.

Pro-Motion Leggett And Platt Adjustable Beds

The Pro-Motion range is the entry level range of adjustable powered Beds from Leggett And Platt. Prices start at under nine hundred US Dollars (USD$900) for a Pro-motion bed and mattress in twin XL size and go up to about eleven hundred US Dollars for a queen size Pro-Motion Bed.

Shipshape Leggett And Platt Adjustable Beds

The Shipshape range from Leggett And Platt has an adjustable base size and is also very economically priced, coming in at under seven hundred dollars (USD$700) for a ShipShape bed.

Profile Leggett And Platt Adjustable Beds

The Profile is just an adjustable bed frame from Leggett And Platt. If you want to add your own mattress or use your existing mattress this is the bed frame to go for. This bed frame can only lift the head or the upper half of the bed up and not the lower half. Just the frame for the Profile can be had for about two hundred dollars (USD$200).

L&P Bronze Adjustable Beds

This is an adjustable head only bed form the Leggett And Platt range. Once again, due to the limited mobility on offer by the Bronze range and the wired remote control, the pricing starts at a slightly lower range of under five hundred dollars (USD$500)

L&P Silver Adjustable Beds

One step up from the Bronze range, the Silver range adds full body adjustability for the head as well as the feet of the bed and a wireless remote as well. Prices start at under seven hundred (USD$700) for the Bronze range from Leggett And Platt.

L&P Gold Adjustable Beds

The Gold range has the full mobility of the Silver range and adds a standard massage function as well. The prices for a Queen size Leggett And Platt Gold adjustable bed starts at about eight hundred and fifty (USD$850).