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Replacing Adjustable Bed Remote Control

Common Problems With Remote Controls For Adjustable Beds

If you own an adjustable bed, sooner or later you will have to have the remote controller for the bed repaired or replaced. Remote controls for Adjustable beds are the parts that are the most used and are more often than not the first part of the bed that start to have problems or malfunctions.

Types of Remote Controls For Adjustable Beds

Replace Adjustable Bed ControlThere are two primary types of remotes for adjustable beds. The first is the wireless type of adjustable bed remote which has batteries to power it. Amongst wireless remotes there are IR remotes and RF remotes. IR or infra-red remotes work like most television remotes, you point them at the receiver and press a button. RF remotes work over the radio frequency so they will work in any position in the same room as the bed.

The second kind of remote is the Adjustable Bed Hand Wand which has a wire that links it to the bed.


Adjustable Bed Hand Remote Not Working

What is the first thing to do when your adjustable bed remote controller is not working? If it is of the wireless type you should check batteries. They may be loose or have been inserted the wrong way into the controller or they may have drained and just need to be replaced.

Wireless Adjustable Bed ControlIf it is a IR remote you should check that it has clear line of sight to the receiver. Try putting it right up against the receiver and pressing the buttons. If it is an RF remote there may be other electronic equipments in the room that is causing radio interference. Try switching off all other electronic devices or moving them away from the bed and see if it solves the problem.

If replacing the batteries does not make the controller start working you may need to identify the source of the malfunctioning. In the case of a wired controller you should first check the wire that links the controller to the bed. It may have gotten disconnected or may be pinched under the bed itself. If reconnecting the remote does not make it start working, you may need to have it repaired or replaced.

Adjustable Bed Remote Control Replacement

With most adjustable bed remote controls it is easier, quicker and indeed cheaper to replace them than go in for adjustable bed remote control repair. What you need to do is look on the back of the remote for the exact model number and then go to manufacturer or dedicated sites for Adjustable Beds and type in the model number exactly. The average wireless replacement remote controller for adjustable beds cost less than $200. Wired controller costs about $150. You can find controllers for popular brands such as Simmons, Orthomatic, Leggett and Platt, Tempurpedic, Craftmatic on sale online. As the controls are not universal, make sure that you are buying one that fits the model of your bed.

How Do I Replace My Adjustable Bed Remote?

If you have purchased a wireless controller it is as simple as putting in the batteries and starting to use the remote. If you have bought a wired controller you must first unplug the old wired controller from the bed at the remote plug and then plug in the new remote correctly. Once done you can start using the new remote. Make sure the wire is not pressed or pinched by the bed itself or any other objects and your remote should give you trouble free operation.