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Simmons Adjustable Beds for Sale

Simmons adjustable beds employ the best technology money can buy along with an excellent ergonomic feel that is responsible for providing a level of comfort that you have to feel to believe.

Simmons adjustable beds are aesthetically designed so you can sleep in grand style. The price of Simmons adjustable beds can be anywhere between US$1200 – US$4000 depending on what features you are interested in and what you can do without. If you are a single person, obviously you need a single bed and that will turn out to be cheaper. A model which includes the massage feature will be more expensive than the one without.

Simmons adjustable beds can be purchased in two basic models. First of all they have the Simmons Adjustable Model 1000 which is the base model. The base model is fitted with a remote control that is wired and is small enough to nestle into the palm of your hand. The maximum elevation that the bed allows is 55 degrees for the upper body and 45 degrees for the feet. The price of Simmons Adjustable Beds will be cheaper if you go for the base model. The next model is called as The Simmons Adjustable Model 2000. It comes with a remote control that is wireless and is designed in a way where it can be kept close to the wall and so takes up less space. It also has an inbuilt massage option for deep relaxation. The unique thing about this model is that you can have 3 presets as far your favorite positions go. The price of Simmons adjustable beds can be found on the internet for comparison. That way you can compare prices and go for the most affordable deal. In order to complement its adjustable beds, Simmons also has the ComforPedic collection of mattresses which you can buy. This is an advanced memory foam mattress which is able to dissipate heat better than normal mattresses. It is ideal for use during hot summers if you do not want your bed to be another boiler. The proprietary foam technology also ensures that the mattress returns to its original shape faster than traditional memory foam. It conforms to the body shape of the user and provides maximum support for the spine and back.

If the price of Simmons adjustable beds is beyond your budget, all you need to do is some research on the World Wide Web. There are a lot of dealers competing to get your attention with good cheap deals. Many of them offer to deliver the adjustable bed to your home for free. Another way you can pick up an affordable adjustable bed is through a classified website where under the “wanted” section you could place your ad with specifications. You search for adjustable beds in Craigslist and eBay. There is no harm in going for a used Simmons adjustable bed. A used Simmons adjustable bed which is well maintained can last you for a lifetime. Some people buy adjustable beds for a reason and want to sell it off when they don’t need it anymore. This can be a good affordable deal for you. However, you must not get lured in by a cheap price without first giving the adjustable bed a good thorough checking for damages and other faults.