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Simmons Nuflex Adjustable Bed

One of the most amazing things about the Simmons Nuflex adjustable bed is not just its ability to make a bedroom a little more of a private sanctuary, but rather, its amazing features that makes it one of the best models of adjustable beds. It is sleek and techno savvy, capable of accommodating a number of functions for the bed user. A person gets to comfortably work in bed, enjoy a beautiful and healthy sleep and also have breakfast in bed without the risk of spilling because of discomfort.

The New Nuflex Adjustable Beds By SimmonsSome of the features that make this bed so special are its elevation settings. This allows an individual to set and adjust the angle of the bed which in turn provides a good sleeping condition for the user. With just one touch of a button, an individual can sleep comfortable and be able to breath easy while at it. The bed also has a wireless remote control, with already programmed buttons. This feature makes it easy for the user to change the settings of the bed without any difficulty.

Remote Control For Nuflex Adjustable Bed

One of the best features about this bed is the fact that, thanks to the remote activated massage alarm setting, an individual does not have to endure the exasperation caused by a ringing alarm clock every morning. Instead, the user gets to wake up to a graceful massage using the Nuflex alarm massage settings.

The bed is also fitted with side pockets on the side of the bed to hold magazines or a bottle of water or wine. There are several sizes available for different types of people. Each one of these beds has varied prices depending on their size. The price also depends on where an individual chooses to purchase the bed from. The Simmons Nuflex Adjustable bed comes in different configuration i.e. Twin Long, Split King and Queen size models. The Twin Long costs around $1,600 whereas the Queen is slightly more expensive at $1,700.