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Sleep Talking Explained and Treated

Sleep talking or Somniloquy is a situation in which a person speaks while he is sleeping.  Sleep talking can be just like regular talking except the person is deep in sleep. It is possible that a person’s speech may be clear and well expressed and it can even be that it is impossible to make out what he is saying. People who speak in their sleep can hold long conversations with themselves, mumble incoherently, speak loudly or even whisper as if they were telling a secret. It is possible that a sleep talker may talk for a few seconds or he may speak to himself throughout the night.

Sleep Talking Causes

As far as sleep talking causes are concerned, there could be a host of reasons why people sleep talk. Sleep talking causes include major emotional stress during the day, medication, psychological disorders, fever and possibly recreational drugs. A lot of people feel that a person who sleep talks is simply acting out a dream that he is experiencing. This is not true as sleep talking usually takes place in a phase of sleep in which people usually dream the least. Sleep talking or Somniloquy is often times confused with other issues like nightmares and night terrors. Since a person cannot observe himself sleep talking he has to rely on the information given to him by other people in his home.

Sleep Talking Symptoms

It is really hard to tell whether a person is really suffering from Somniloquy or he was just having a nightmare. In order to figure out whether a person is experiencing sleep talking symptoms, he has to be observed while he is sleeping over a period of a few days. The severity of sleep talking depends on the frequency of the episodes. A person may sleep talk once a month or may do it on a regular basis which can become a source of nuisance to other people in the house. If a person speaks very loudly or screams he can cause a lot of trouble for his sleeping partner. Sleep talking symptoms can be confused with a lot of other sleep disorders.

Sleep Talking Treatment

As such, sleep talking is not dangerous and cannot bring harm to the person who is experiencing it. However, in some cases sleep talking treatments are a must because of the frequency and the disturbance it may be causing to other people. If sleep talking has become a source of nuisance and has to be taken care of, a physician is the best person to consult in this matter. There is no cure or treatment for sleep talking but the doctor may ask the patient to make a few changes in his lifestyle. It is likely he will ask a lot of questions about medications and sleeping patterns. The doctor will want to know details about what he ingests all day long and he will try and assess if any of the substances he eats or drinks are causing these problems. There is no particular sleep talking treatment, one can just do things differently to see if it can be taken care of. You may want to consider getting a good Adjustable Bed which can improve the quality of the sleep at night, reducing the chances of sleep talking.

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