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Solax Adjustable Beds for Sale

For people suffering from Insomnia, swollen ankles, joint pain and lumbago, an adjustable bed seems to be the best solution. There are a wide range of companies that make adjustable beds with different features and options depending on what a consumer prefers and what medical condition he/she is suffering from.

Solax is a well known company that makes adjustable beds that help people solve a lot of sleeping posture related problems. Adjustable beds by Solax make sure that the spine and other joints in the body are fully supported when a person is sleeping. Different parts of the bed can be tuned to support different parts of the body perfectly. Solax adjustable beds are one of the strongest and the most durable beds as they have been designed to withstand loads of over 600 pounds. There are several bed bases one can choose from when selecting a Solax model to take home.

Solax mattresses are the main feature of their Adjustable Beds. There are two types of mattresses that Solax has on display. One is a water mattress called Water Lattex and the second one is called as Watermemory which is basically high quality elastic. The Water Lattex is a thick covering of plastic polymers filled with water. Watermemory, the other type of mattress is made from the same technology which NASA used to make beds for their astronauts. It has an almost human like feel as it is susceptible to body heat and can change itself adapting to whichever body part it touches to give the user undisturbed comfort.

Solax’s Massage beds are another popular product and are made with the most modern technologies. These massage beds are fitted with small air pockets and vibrators. These air pockets are found all over the mattress and massage each body part separately. The vibrating motion in the bed is excellent for people with circulation problems and can definitely be helpful in curing insomnia and body aches. The mattresses made by Solax are strong and durable and can easily resume their normal shape after being pulled and stretched for extended periods of time.

As far as the price of Solax adjustable beds go, they mostly retail at anywhere between US$1800 – US$2000. In order to find a cheaper and more affordable option you can always visit classified sites on the internet. If you look up the classifieds in your area you may be able to locate someone who is selling a used Solax adjustable bed for discounted or half the price. There are many sites like Craigslist and Gumtree which can get you some real good deals on these adjustable beds. You can also find replacement Parts for Solax Adjustable Beds in these places. If you are in Singapore, you can visit their showroom and experience the beds for yourself.