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Standers Bed Cane For Elderly

One of the biggest setbacks seniors have to contend with is the risk of falling and the injuries that result from such falls. As a person gets older, apart from becoming increasingly frail, his or her sense of balance becomes impaired. This adversely affects self-confidence, hence the need for some support device which offers stability. One situation where elders are particularly at risk is when they are getting in and out of bed.

Bed Cane Product Description

Standers Bed Cane Assist is an innovation in adjustable bed accessories designed to offer support when an elder gets in and out of bed. It is a remarkably robust, compact device which can be fitted on either side of the bed. This safety accessory is built strong enough to support a person weighing up to 250 pounds. Its heavy duty, durable steel construction and powder coated finish provide years of worry-free service. Bed Cane Assist is safely secured to the bed frame and mattress with safety straps. The handle of the product folds down to make it collapsible for easy storage and portability. When packed, it weighs 12 pounds only, measuring a compact 25” x 19” x 2”. The product is height adjustable to a convenient 19” to 22”. It is designed to fit any mattress. An added bonus which comes to you free of charge is the 4 pocket organizer hangover which is handy for storage of items and also prevents entrapment. This accessory alone is worth $19.95 if bought separately.

What does the Bed Cane Assist cost?

The Stander Bed Cane with Pocket Organizer and Safety Strap comes to you at $74.88 only. You can order a bed cane for adjustable bed accessory online at Amazon, Walmart and Overstock websites. It’s a small price to pay for confidence when a senior is moving onto a bed or off it.