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Tips When Buying Used Adjustable Beds

In the current economic environment many people are taking serious look at second hand adjustable beds as a cost-effective alternative. Adjustable beds are an expensive item to purchase and buying a second hand adjustable bed makes sound economic sense. While there is no dearth of pre-owned adjustable beds on the market, the first thing you should do is to list out your criteria.  Adjustable beds come in a range of options with varying degrees of sophistication and accessories to match, so you should list out what exactly you are looking for before setting out to buy one.

What are the points to look at before buying a second hand bed?

When you have located something that suits your purpose and budget, the first thing you should do is to examine its overall condition. Check out the steel frame to ensure there is no rust and corrosion. The primary function of an adjustable bed is raising and lowering of the upper and lower body independent of each other. Test the multi-hinged arrangement and the motors and actuators which drive them. The movement should be smooth and extend to its fullest extent. Some beds are able to adjust for tilt and height which needs to be checked. Examine the slatted base and the bed frame which holds the adjustable mattress as well as the headboard and other accessories which may accompany the bed. If the bed is provided with castors for movement ensure this works easily. If you are planning on a split bed, check that the articulation on both sides work independently to your satisfaction. Many high-end adjustable beds operate with a handheld remote control unit. Ensure all functions are working properly. However keep in mind that most adjustable beds will require some adjustment when you reassemble them in your home. Most adjustable beds are made in standard sizes – King, Queen, Twin, Full etc. But those with dual adjustment features normally require special sized sheets, a point to be kept in mind.

How would I go about looking for an adjustable bed?

That would largely depend on what the bed is required for. If you are looking to buy a used adjustable bed for a senior or someone incapacitated in your home, the best place to look for one would be at the local hospitals. Look up the bulletin boards and newsletters which periodically advertise used adjustable beds. When buying a bed for a senior, you might be looking at other bed accessories, principally bed rails for protection and to help them get on the bed and off it.

However if you are looking for a used adjustable bed for yourself and your partner, the best forum would be to check online. The internet is flooded with a wide range of selections and you are bound to be able to find one that suits you. If you are going in for a high end unit, it might be worth looking at the warranty clause. Some manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on selected models.