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Types Of Adjustable Bed Mattresses Prices

Adjustable Bed Mattresses

People who are looking for a quality sleep at night for themselves or elderly parents at home do not mind investing money in an adjustable bed. They normally tend to do a lot of research on the type of adjustable bed that they need to buy. Besides considering the needs of the adjustable bed user, they will also find out the prices for the brands of electric adjustable beds and comparing them for the best deals. The one thing that most people fail to realise is that no matter how great the Adjustable Bed that you buy, it is important to have a good adjustable bed mattress.

Importance Of Adjustable Bed Mattresses

The mattress is the surface that you sleep on and even if you purchase the perfect adjustable bed frame, the wrong mattress can completely ruin your sleep experience and make your investment worthless. It is important to have the right mattress on your adjustable bed.

Types of Adjustable Bed Mattresses

There are many types of adjustable beds. Most adjustable beds types have more or less similar frames. The difference lies in the kind of mattresses. There are generally three main kinds of mattresses.

Coil Spring Mattresses For Adjustable Beds

The most conventional type of adjustable beds is the one with coil spring mattresses. These Adjustable Bed Mattresses are specially made for adjustable beds and you cannot and should not put a normal coil spring mattress on an adjustable bed. There are no standards for coil spring mattresses so one needs to try them out before you buy.

Memory Foam Mattresses Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds with Memory foam are particularly popular with people who have arthritis because the ability to change sleeping position combined with the pressure distributing design of memory foam means that no one part of the body gets too much pressure while sleeping. This means that there is less tossing and turning at night to get comfortable. Heat sensitive memory foam Adjustable Bed Mattresses are normally much more expensive than traditional coil spring mattresses but provide much more comfort as well. Memory foam has established industry standards and if a memory foam mattress conforms to these standards you can be sure it is of a good quality.

Adjustable Beds With Air Mattresses

Adjustable beds that have specially designed air mattresses allow the users to change the firmness or softness of the mattress on the fly with a remote control. These air mattresses are once again specially designed to be used on adjustable beds.

Adjustable Bed Mattress Sizes

Adjustable beds come in sizes ranging from single to standard double, increasing in size to Queen and dual Queen size with the largest being King and then double King sized Adjustable Bed Mattresses. There are also Split King or Queen mattresses that fit the frame of the beds.

Adjustable Bed Mattress Prices

Adjustable Bed Mattresses are usually sold with the frames but if you are looking for an Adjustable Bed Mattress only or a replacement, you can find them online at sites like and Adjustable Bed Mattress prices range from as little as $800 to upwards of $2800 depending on the size and the type of mattress.